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  • Six facts...
  • Alana Deukett

Six facts...

I hope you’re all enjoying the start to your weekend!
For everyone who has just started following Luludu, I thought I would share six facts so you can get to know me better! Here we go…

1) All Luludu crochet shoes and dreamcatchers are made in Cambodia by three beautiful women. They are all paid fairly, and all work in a safe, happy environment

2) These women work for a company called tonlé. I found tonlé at the perfect time, as I had already spent two months in Cambodia and was so close to giving up hope of finding a reliable company to work with who put people before profit. Tonlé go an extra thousand miles to consider everything from reducing waste (they use 98% of their already re-purposed material) to making sure their workers feel heard and appreciated.

3) The wheels were put in motion in 2012 when I was determined to make a change after I realised that the majority of our first world lifestyle is based on the suffering of others. I didn’t know what it would be, but after I found my Mums crochet shoes it all started to fall into place.

4) All of our products are animal friendly. From using a ‘vegan friendly’ leather in our shoes, to only sourcing feathers that come from birds who have shed them naturally. It’s all about compassion and equality!

5) Each pair of shoes takes at least 8 hours to make. This includes hole punching the base - one hole at a time, crocheting the tops (this takes up the majority of the time) and gluing the base to the rubber.

6) People often question why these shoes cost so much, and then when they find out how much work goes into them - why they cost so little! As they are mainly sold online I have been able to cut out any middle men, meaning I am able to bring the price down a lot lower than other products with the same production time.

Bonus fact: The name Luludu came to me when I was at a Vipassana meditation course – my family call me Lulu and my last name is Deukett…
  • Alana Deukett

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