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What makes you FEEL beautiful...

What makes you FEEL beautiful...

Oh hey it's me, Alana! I was just hanging in the backyard and I was wondering... when do you FEEL beautiful?

This has been on my mind for a while now. Personally I hardly ever wear makeup or fancy things, and feeling people look at me as I walk past them makes me feel uncomfortable - but I’ve been trying to decide if I “dress down” to avoid unwanted attention… or is it that I am content with the way I look, just as I am?

We are exposed to 5000 ads every day (5000!) And many of those are targeted at women’s insecurities. You will hear over and over again that you need to buy this and change that, and once you do, you’ll be happy! You'll be accepted! All your problems will be solved! I mean, you can’t even use a shopping mall restroom without seeing posters advertising botox! (Side note, when I asked my partner what they were being shown in male restrooms, it was electronics… but that’s another rant) But I don’t feel like I *need* to change my face or body. I am who I am. Why do I need to be any different?

So when do I feel most beautiful? I've decided it’s when I’m feeling CONNECTED; whether that be to another person, to my creativity, or to myself. It's when I’m laughing with my son. It’s when I’m being kind. It’s when I realise that I am not what they tell me I 'need' to be in order to be considered ‘beautiful’. And it's in these moments that I can feel the chains breaking.

To me, beauty has less to do with my appearance and more to do with how I'm feeling inside.

I’m curious though – when do YOU feel most beautiful? I’d love to hear what you think x

Disclaimer: of course there is nothing wrong with makeup. There is nothing wrong with dressing up. Whats wrong is the underlying messages targeted at women telling them that they need to be 'fixed'.

  • Alana Deukett

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